Editoral board:


The Chairman: V. V. Degoev, Doctor of historical sciences, Chief of the Center of Caucasian and regional security problems, Professor of Moscow State Institute of International Relations, the Russian Federation Ministry of Foreign Affairs; e-mail: degas@list.ru;


O. V. Belova, Doctor of philological sciences, leading researcher, Institute of Slavic studies, the Russian Academy of sciences; e-mail: olgabelova.inslav@gmail.com;

O. A. Grinevski, Honorary Doctor of Sociology, University of Southampton (Great Britain), Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary (retired), Head of EuropeUSA Center, Institute of Europe, Russian Academy of sciences, lecturer of the Russian State Humanitarian University; e-mail: olgrinev@mail.ru;

V. V. Zhuravlev, Doctor of historical sciences, Laureate of the RF State Prize, Head of the chair of Russian current history, Moscow State Regional University, the chief specialist of the Center Documentary publications, the Russian State archive of social and political history; e-mail: kaf@nnir@mgou.ru;

O. I. Kiyanskaya, Doctor of historical sciences, Professor, the chair of literary critics, Department of journalism, the Russian State University of the Humanities, e-mail: kianoks@inbox.ru;

Andre Liebich, Professor of history, School of International Studies, Geneva, Switzerland; e-mail: andre.liebich@graduateinstitute.ch;

V. L. Malkov, Doctor of historical sciences, Honored Worker of Science of the RF, Professor, chief researcher, the Institute of world history, the Russian Academy of sciences; e-mail: vic.malkov@mail.ru;

V. V. Milkov, Doctor of philosophical sciences, leading researcher, the Institute of philosophy; the Russian Academy of sciences; e-mail: dr_milkov@mail.ru;

V. N. Panin, Doctor of political sciences, Professor, Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University, director of the Institute of International Relations PSLU; e-mail: paninv1@yandex.ru;

William Rosenberg, Professor of history, University of Michigan, USA; e-mail: wgr@umich.edu;


I. S. Rosenthal, Doctor of historical sciences, Professor; e-mail: evgenv@rambler.ru;


L. A. Friedman, Doctor of economic sciences, Professor, the chair of economics, the Institute of Asian and African countries, the Moscow State University; e-mail: friedman@iass.msu.ru;


A. L. Yurganov, Doctor of historical sciences, Professor, Head of the chair of the Russian Middle Ages history and early modern Russian history, the Russian State University of Humanities; e-mail: iurganov@yandex.ru