Procedure of critical reviews creation and processing


1. The editorial board carries out a preliminary selection of manuscripts on the grounds of manuscriptsí correspondence to requirements set by the journal (see above)

2. The article is registered in the journal database (date of receipt, authorís surname, name and patronymic, articleís title, authorís academic degree and academic title, workplace and position, e-mail).

3.  Executive Secretary forwards manuscripts that satisfy primary requirements to a member of Editorial Council responsible for respective field of science or to an external reviewer.

4.  All reviewers are acknowledged experts on the subject of peer-reviewed material and have for the last 3 years   publications on the subject of peer-reviewed articles. Reviews are stored in the publishing and editorial offices over 5 years.

5. A reviewer sends his/her opinion to the Editorial office in 2 copies (one copy is signed, the other copy is anonymous) and either recommends the article for publication or suggests revising the article taking critical remarks into account. Finally a reviewer can offer a reasoned rejection of the article. A reviewer assesses contribution of the article in formulation, development and solution of a scientific problem and compares the authorís conclusion with the existing scientific concepts. Critical responses and objections of a reviewer allow publication of the material by the way of discussion provided a reviewer gives a general positive recommendation.

6. The Editorial office provides the author with a chance to learn the anonymous copy of review and at request sends the signed copy to the Ministry of education and sciences.